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Shura Council committee backs government's procedures
The Human Rights Affairs Committee at the Shura Council has expressed appreciation and support for the efforts of the government and procedures taken by the Cabinet to consolidate and protect human rights.

The procedures endorsed by the Cabinet confirm the State’s transparent actions in facing the existing challenges, the panel said.

The committee underlined its support to the steps taken by the State in accordance with the Law and regulations in force in the kingdom, as well as the international human rights conventions.

Such legal steps confirm the constitutional rights of the citizens, consolidate democratic practices in the kingdom and achieve justice and rule of the Law, the committee explained.

The Shura Council’s committee also lauded the legal and security measures taken by the Cabinet against some individuals and political associations, stressing that the recent actions will benefit those living in Bahrain, maintain national security and stability and protect the nation’s gains, unity and social fabric.

Meanwhile, the committee expressed categorical rejection of everything aiming to sow divide and target the principle of peaceful co-existence among all social segments.

It voiced deep regret over the attempts made by some parties to abuse the freedom of expression and democratic atmosphere that are guaranteed by the Constitution and the Law, and to seek the support of foreign sides.

Page last updated on: 05/02/2018 01:19 PM