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Shura Council 's Human Rights Committee Convenes

The Human Rights Committee at the Shura Council convened here today under the chairmanship of Dr. Ayesha Salim Mubarak.

The panel approved its new plan in the coming period, in line with its duties to examine legislations related to human rights.

The committee also discussed a number of proposals pertaining to the issuance of the Law on Reform and Rehabilitation institutions, accompanying Royal Decree No. 92 of 2007.

The Panel Chairperson asserted that the panel is interested in following up all human rights developments and studying all suitable legislations to address them, adding that it will launch its own website, activate social networks, pay visits to government departments, launch initiatives and hold functions during human rights occasions, within the framework of the existing constructive cooperation with its Representatives Council counterpart.

She added that the committee will conduct a study on all human rights agreements and legislations in Bahrain, as well as the international conventions ratified by the kingdom in order to find out the extent at which they are applied, which, she said, will consolidate human rights laws in the country.

She also highlighted the crucial role played by mass media in promoting human rights culture among members of the Bahraini society.

Page last updated on: 05/02/2018 01:19 PM