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Shura committee urges national unity, rejection of terrorism

The Foreign Affairs, Defence and National Security Committee at the Shura Council has stressed the need to commit to national unity and fundamentals, and to rally together behind the leadership of His Majesty King Hamd bin Isa Al Khalifa.

Commitment to HM the King’s wise directives is the best means to achieve security and stability to the kingdom, especially in light of the extraordinary circumstances and huge challenges the region is going through, the committee said.

The committee stressed that the current challenges and difficult circumstances require clear commitment and open stances against terrorist acts and external interference, in addition to firm actions against attempts to undermine the kingdom and its interests through sowing divide and sedition among society.

It’s time to stand together against sectarianism, and to renounce divisions in order to thwart the attempts of those preying on the country’s security, stability and unity, and seeking no good to its people, the Shura committee warned.

The panel lauded the directives given by HM King Hamad while chairing the joint Cabinet-Supreme Defence Council meeting on Wednesday, as well as his call for adherence to national fundamentals, rejection of using religious platforms for promoting extremism, showing solidarity with terrorist acts, sowing division and sedition among the members of the same society and not voicing the required stances against threats, interference in the kingdom’s domestic affairs and offensive statements against Bahrain’s security and stability.

The Shura committee expressed deep pride in the advanced level reached by the Bahrain Defence Force and other military and security authorities in the kingdom, and stressed that their high-level preparedness and competence enable them to defend the kingdom and protect its people, affirming its support for all the steps taken by the military and security bodies in the country to ensure security and stability.

The Shura Council’s Foreign Affairs, Defence and National Security Committee condemned the targeting of oil pump stations in Saudi Arabia, as well as the acts of sabotage against commercial vessels in the UAE’s territorial waters, lauding HM the King’s assertion of the kingdom’s principled stance in support of the two brotherly countries, and backing of the measures they may take to safeguard their security and stability.
Page last updated on: 26/05/2019 10:40 AM