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Shura Council condemns blatant Iranian interference

The Shura Council condemned in the strongest words the statements which were made by the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s Spokesman regarding the court verdicts and the integrity of the judiciary in Bahrain.

The Foreign Affairs, Defence and National Security voiced the stance, slamming the statements which reflect the Iran’s systematic targeting of Bahrain and other countries in the region, to fuel violence, strife and sectarianism, subvert national unity and defame the Kingdom’s image, in breach of the international conventions and principles and values of good neighbourliness.

The committee denounced in a statement the danger of the extremist Iranian regime which threatens the security, stability and sovereignty of countries in the region, urging a firm international concerted stance to prevent Iran from pursuing its subversive agenda.

“The judiciary in Bahrain has attained the highest degree of independence, transparency, justice and integrity”, it said, rejecting any interference in Bahrain’s judiciary or internal affairs.

It highlighted the atmosphere of security and stability region in Bahrain, which pursues its development momentum with the reform project which was launched by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa.

Page last updated on: 24/07/2019 08:26 AM