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Shura Finance and Economic Affairs Committee Discusses the Draft Budget

Manama, November 11th (BNA) –The Finance and Economic Affairs Committee at the Shura Council stressed the importance of following up the plans and aims contained in the government’s action programme for the third legislative term 2011 – 2014, which should be turned into a tangible reality through the new budget for the years 2013 – 2014.

The legislative authority will have an opportunity to review the achieved projects and programmes during the past two years, as well as the rest that will be achieved during the next two years.

During his Chairmanship of the meeting of the Finance and Economic Committee at the Shura Council this morning, Khalid Hussain Al Maskati asserted the need to review the financial information related to the past two years, and the mechanism of implementing the budget during those years within the final account of the state each year separately. He also highlighted the need to get information about what has been actually implemented from the budget, especially in the light of the decline in the deficit for the year 2011 to only 31 million dinars, which aroused the query about the implementation of the projects contained in the mentioned budget.

Al Maskkati pointed out that the Finance Committee has completed an action plan to discuss the draft law of the state budget within the constitutional frameworks, stressing that the Committee would discuss with representatives of the executive authority, the need to improve the standard of living for citizens and achieve higher levels of economic growth, in line with the implementation of the government’s programme. He said that the programme was approved by the legislative authority aiming at strengthening the Bahraini economy, improving its performance and diversifying its sources to reinforce its competitiveness through achieving a positive growth, increasing the citizen’s income, and providing work opportunities.

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