Miscellaneous Provisions
Chapter VIII

Miscellaneous Provisions

Article (185)

In cases where the National Council is invited to meet, the sessions thereof are presided by the Chairman of Shura Council, and the provisions hereof shall apply to such session, subject to what is provided under article (103) of the constitution and what is mentioned in the bylaw of the parliament in articles (156), (157), (158) and (159).

Article (186)

Special place shall be designated for the Prime Minister and the ministers at the front of the session hall. Representatives of the government shall have other places that are designated by a decision of the council chairman.

Article (187)

The council bureau shall set out the general regulatory rules concerning the facilities offered to the council members to enable them to undertake their responsibilities.

Article (188)

The council bureau shall set out, based on what is suggested by its chairman, a special system for the ceremonies between the council members in its official meetings and in the meeting it convenes or invites to, and shall inform the Council Chairman and the Prime Minister of such system.

Article (189)

Urgent subjects and topics are investigated before other subjects within the council and its committees, and the provisions of ordinary timings resolved herein shall not apply thereto. The council may resolve the discussion of urgent subjects within the same session provided that the competent committee submits its report to the council within the same session. In such case, the council may further resolve to take final opinion on a draft bill in the same session in accordance with article (114) hereof. A subject or topic is deemed urgent if requested to be considered urgent by the government, council chairman or at least five council members. Except what is provided under article (87) of the constitution, the council may in all cases resolve to retreat from urgency and to follow the ordinary procedures. The status or urgency shall be stated in the resolution of referral to each of the council and the committees. The provisions of this article shall not be prejudiced by any special provision in regard to one of the urgency cases provided under herein.

Article (190)

Press and other means of media shall ensure accuracy in reporting and summarizing the sessions of the council. Every member may request the council chairman to correct mistakes by a letters sent by the chairman to the newspaper or media organization which has changed the occurrences, and such newspaper or media organization shall publish the letter or announce it as soon as possible with no comment, whereby this shall not prevent filing a public case against it in this regard.

Article (191)

This law shall be effective from the publication date thereof in the official newspaper.

Hamad bin Eissa Al Khalifa

The King of the Kingdom of Bahrain

Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa

The Prime Minister

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