Council Affairs
Chapter VII

Council Affairs

- Preservation of Order within the Council
- Council’s Budget and the Closing Account thereof
- Council General Secretariat

Preservation of Order within the Council

Article (171)

Preservation of order within the council is the competency of its chairman. The chairman shall determine, by coordination with the ministry of interior, the number of guards necessary for the preservation of security and order. Such guards shall follow the orders of the council chairman and is independent of any other authority. Nobody other than the guards in charge of preservation of security and order may hold any type of arms within the council’s building. The council chairman shall set out the system that ensures the achievement of this.

Article (172)

Nobody may enter the council’s building without a permit that is issued according to the system set out by the council bureau. Persons who are authorized to enter shall abide with the instructions issued thereto by the council guards.

Article (173)

Nobody may enter the session hall or convention locations of the committees’ meetings at the convention time thereof other than the council members, people who are assigned to work thereat, persons delegated by the Prime Minister or others of the members of the government to assist them, and whomever is permitted to attend by the council or the committee.

Article (174)

Places shall be allocated on the balconies of the council for representatives of newspapers and other means of media and for the public to watch the sessions of the council. The council chairman shall set out the rules and procedures of authorizing entry to such balconies.

Article (175)

Those who are authorized to enter the council balconies shall remain fully silent during the commencement of a session, remain seated, not show any signs of like or dislike, and observe the instructions and notes given to them by the persons in charge of preservation of order. The persons in charge of preservation of order may order any of the persons authorized to enter to the balconies, who makes noise or prejudices order, to leave the balcony, and should such violating person disobey such order, the chairman may order the council guards to take him out and surrender him to the competent body, if necessary.

Council’s Budget and the Closing Account thereof

Article (176)

The provisions allocated for the council’s budget are entered as a single figure in the state’s budget, and the council shall approve its annual budget within the limits of the provision entered in such regard within the budget of the state by agreement with the government. The council’s budget shall be entered under a law, annexed to the public budget of the state, and the provisions regarding the public budget of the state shall apply thereto mutes mutandis.

Article (177)

After the issuance of the law regarding the council’s budget, the provision allocated therefore within the state budget is deposited to the body selected by the council bureau. Such provision shall not be expended without the permission of the council chairman or the person acting on behalf thereof.

Article (178)

The council bureau shall set out the rules regarding the organization of the council’s accounts, system of release, stocking and the other financial affairs.

Article (179)

The provisions resolved in the previous articles regarding the council’s budget shall apply in regard to the additional provisions for the Shura Council.

Article (180)

The council general secretariat shall prepare the closing account therefore during thirty days of the end of the financial year, and the chairman shall refer the same to the council bureau for the consideration thereof prior to the presentation thereof to the council for the discussion and approval thereof. The council bureau may refer the closing account to the committee of financial and economic affairs for the investigation thereof and to submit a report thereabout that is to be presented to the council in the first following session. The procedures followed in approval and issuance of the council’s budget shall be followed for the purpose of approval and issuance of the closing account.

Council General Secretariat

Article (181)

The council shall have a general secretariat that shall be organized pursuant to a resolution issued by the council chairman after the approval of the council bureau. Such resolution shall include the descriptive provisions regarding administrative and financial affairs, and until such resolution is issued, the council chairman may issue temporary resolutions in organization of the affairs of the general secretariat.

Article (182)

The council chairman shall undertaking supervision over the general secretariat and over all the administrative, financial and technical affairs and proceedings of the council.

Article (183)

The council shall have a general secretary who is appointed under a decree on the level of a ministry undersecretary, and who shall have the financial and administrative competencies and authorities resolved in the laws and regulations of ministries’ undersecretaries. The general secretary shall prepare the draft agenda of the proceedings of the council to be approved by the bureau and then by the council chairman. He shall attend the council’s sessions, as well as committees’ sessions upon their request, and shall be accountable for his work before the council chairman.

Article (184)

The council chairman shall have the authorities vested in a minister and the minister of finance and national economy, provided under in the laws and codes. The council bureau shall be competent in the matters which a resolution in regard thereto must be issued by the Prime Minister, in addition to the matters which the laws and code require that the opinion or the approval of the ministry of finance and national economy, civil service court, or any other body, as the case shall be, is to be taken in regard thereto.

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