Training Committee
Training Committee

Vision & Objectives:

• Training in its modern definition has become a strategical option in the system and development of human resources, therefore putting strategies to develop, update and streamline working systems and methods has become a matter of urgency in all institutions, as training shall transfer relevant technical and practical skills in a way that shall keep up with the challenges presented in the changing work requirements.

• The Training Committee is working hard to develop training programs using the latest available methods in training to meet developments in the work environment and to reduce the gap between current and target performance. Also, the training is aimed at building and innovating more efficient and effective systems and methods in planning, implementation, reviewing, following up and providing human resources to achieve development goals with effectiveness that ensures a permanent increase in performance. A training plan was adopted for each two years.

• The process of evaluating the training process is based on measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of the training plan and the degree of its achievement of the objectives set, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses in it through evaluating the efficiency of the steps of the training process, and to ensure the transfer of the impact of training to the reality of work to improve the efficiency of the performance of the General Secretariat of the Council in general.

Training Sessions Nomination Conditions:

1. The relation between the suggested training and the nature of the employee’s work and functional responsibilities.

2. The Department’s or section’s need to a form of required competencies and the degree of the development of such competence.

3. The ability of the employee to apply learned skills during the training and educational course and the transfer of this information to his fellow employees in his department or section.

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