Equal Opportunities Committee
Committee Work Strategy
  • ​Coordinating with the administration concerned in the Council General Secretariat to provide the Committee with the data for the staff working at the Shura Council General Secretariat, duly classified.
  • Cooperating and coordinating with the SCW on a monthly basis.
  • Cooperating and coordinating with the equal opportunities committees concerned in the Government and the private institutions, and invite them to participate in the Committee’s awareness activities.
  • Assigning a web site or a link within the Council electronic site, updating it as required by one of the Committee’s members.
  • Ensuring that the Council’s budget considers the women needs.
  • Earmarking all the Council debates in respect of Legislations and Laws concerning women, and provide them to the SCW, and use them for awareness mechanisms.
  • Continuing awareness and education campaigns for the General Secretariat staff in respect of the equal opportunities principle and their respective rights and duties.
  • Specifying the communication mechanisms within the General Secretariat staff (bulletins – website – meetings and activities) and issuing bulletins covering all the topics related to the parliamentary woman and the Council staff.
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