Equal Opportunities Committee
Administrative Decree regarding Committee Formation

Date: 20 March 2016

Administrative Decree No (4) of year 2016 regarding the formation of an Equal Opportunities Committee in the Shura Council


Having considered the Constitution, based on the Decree-Law No (55) of year 2002 regarding the internal regulation of the Shura Council and its amendments, and on the personnel affairs, regulation issued by Decree No (10) of year 2012, it was decided:

Article (1)

The Equal Opportunities Unit shall be reformed as the Equal Opportunities Committee in the Shura Council of the following with their names and positions:

Dr. Fawzya Yusuf Al-JeepAssistant General Secretary of Relations, Media and Research (President)
Mrs. Kareema Mohammed Al-AbbasiDirector of Human and Financial Resources Department (Member)
Mr. Yusuf Yaqoob MarhoonDirector of Relations and Media Department (Member)
Mrs. Ghada Abdul Kareem AmanPresident of Human Resources Section (Member)
Mr. Hussain Mohammed Al-HussainiPresident of Records and Printing (Member)
Mrs. Wafaa Mohammed Al-ThawadiPresident of Media and Communication Section (Member)
Mr. Ali Abdullah Al-AradiAssistant Legal Adviser (Member)
Mrs. Saheer Sultan Bani HamadExecutive Secretary (Member)

 Article (2)

Administrative Decree No. (7) of year 2015 regarding the reformation of the Equal Opportunities Unit in the Shura Council shall be repealed.

Article (3)

The Council’s Secretary General shall implement this Decree and put it into force from the date of its issue.



Ali bin Saleh Al-Saleh

Chairman of the Shura Council

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