Directorate of Public Relations & Media
Management Role

• Prepare media plans to highlight the work and achievements of the Council, follow up the implementation of such plans, broadcast them through various mass media and design visual, audio and print media programs to disseminate parliamentary culture

• Prepare, issue, design and publish all bulletins, brochures and reports that document and monitor the events and ceremonies of the Council.

• Prepare the daily press file to monitor all the local press reports as well as official and local news related to the council 

• Follow up, monitor and analyze all that is aired, broadcast and published in all media and follow up the main political and other trends

• Prepare appropriate press responses to what is published about the Council, the President or the General Secretariat and follow up the publication thereof in the local press.

• Prepare, edit, publish and distribute the monthly bulletin of the Council and upload a copy thereof on the website

• Organize conferences for various events, prepare the necessary publications and supervising the progress of the work

• Prepare and coordinate media coverage for all ceremonies, meetings, activities and events organized by the Council and prepare a press archive on the work of the Council, its committees and members

• Follow up participation and visits assigned to members of the Council and their companions outside the Kingdom of Bahrain in coordination with the Parliamentary Department and prepare the relevant schedules

• Provide the President and the Secretary-General of the Council with all notes and correspondence submitted by the Parliamentary Department of the House of Representatives

• Design and issue cards for the council's staff, issue permits to visitors and guests of the council and coordinate with the council's security guards regarding organizing entry and exit of guests and visitors

• Supervise and monitor the media, prepare and update the media content of the Council's website (both in Arabic and English), publish brochures and monthly bulletin of the Council and update the news and pictures on a daily basis

• supervise airing and recording the sessions and of the Shura Council in coordination with Bahrain Radio and Television Corporation and other media entities

• Organize press conferences and meetings for the President, the members of the Council and the General Secretariat

• Carry out all tasks assigned to the Directorate by the President, his two Vice-Presidents and the Secretary-General

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