Legal Advisors Authority
Legal Advisors Authority Role

In accordance with the Personnel regulation of the Shura Council and the Council Chairman's Decision No. (9) of the year 2008 regarding the establishment and organization of the Legal Advisors Authority, the Authority follows the Chairman of the Council and it consists of a sufficient number of legal advisers, assisted by a sufficient number of legal advisers, legal researchers and administrative staff.

In general, the Legal Advisors Authority shall be presented by a legal advisor or an assistant legal advisor in the meetings of the committees of the Council or the committees of the General Secretariat, and provide consultation, memoranda, reports and studies in the legal matters of the Chairman of the Council, the Council Office, the Council Committees and the members of the Council and the General Secretariat of the Council, if requested.

Also, the person appointed by a decision issued by the Council Chairman from its legal advisers shall preside over the Chairmanship of the Authority, coordinate the work among its members and represent them at the Chairmanship of the Council and the Secretariat. Moreover, it shall be his duty to attend the general sessions of the Council and express the legal opinions during the discussions and deliberations of the members in the matter before them, and in the procedures followed, whenever requested by the Chairman of the Council or the Chairman of the session.

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