Directorate of Information Technology
Directorate of Information Technology

Department’s Mission:

To create a successful functional relationship between those concerned with the Council’s work, strengthen the communication between the legislative organization and other sectors through following the latest methodologies in proper application in information and knowledge management.

General Objectives:

  • Implementing the outstanding projects guided by the information security, to ensure that it practically reflects commitment and maintas the provision of advanced technical services.
  • Supporting decisions by adopting accurate information that has been classified by using smart grading systems.
  • Creating work culture, communication and internal cooperation between the relevant departments to achieve the changes needed and upgrade to the best together.
  • Creating a successful functional relationship between the administration and different sectors such as the Council's administration, official and governmental institutions, civil society institutions, the private sector, political associations, trade unions and the press, legislatures and friendly organizations and unions.
  • Automate procedures and achieve the sole source of information.
  • Achieve the ultimate quality in providing and maintaining the latest IT systems.
  • Supporting the process of knowledge and development of the Council.
  • To provide a source of experience and successful experiences in the field of modern technological applications and cognitive accumulations.
  • Build a strong entity of competencies and skills in managing IT.
  • Use modern tools to train human resources technically for their allocation in the legislative and parliamentary field.

Moreover, the Assistant Secretary General of Human and Financial Resources and Information supervises this department and is accountable to the Secretary-General for the performance of its functions and competences through the following sections: Information Systems Section, Information Network Section and Multimedia Section.

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