Directorate of Information Technology
Management Role
  • To provide technical equipment required to operate (devices, systems) for the completion of the legislative and administrative work of the Council.
  • To supervise the general planning and the creation of information database in accordance with the approved strategical plans.
  • To create an integrated experienced working group specialised in the field of technology and information to improve the Department’s output to the highest levels of quality and proficiency.
  • To exchange information with research and academic institutions and similar devices.
  • The continuous development of the methods of data and information collection to achieve the maximum degree of accuracy of the collected and analysed data.
  • Harmonization of the concepts, terminology and classifications used for all data and conducting evaluation and analytical studies in line with the international and global recommendations.
  • Make an annual plan of the activities of the Department and the sections linked to it.
  • Submitting periodic reports of completed, under study and proposed projects.
  • Providing advice in the field of technology and information management to the staff of the Council.
  • To provide the technical devices and give technical support to facilitate the work of the Council’s bodies.
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