Directorate of Human Resources & Finance
Management Role

The Department’s Competence:

This department carries out planning, implementing and ensuring the quality and speed of special plans and programs preparation, by planning, organizing, recruiting, developing and stimulating human resources, as well as planning and organizing the management and disbursement of financial resources, in order to ensure the recruitment and continuation of the qualified workforce. The department is also entrusted with the preparation of balanced financial budgets responsive to the current and future operational and strategic needs of the General Secretariat of the Shura Council. Such functions shall be orderly served by the technical systems which are designed to improve the quality of the overall performance and the overall quality of human and financial resources and contribute in providing outstanding services to the General Secretariat, the Council and its members, with the required speed, accuracy and flexibility, in a timely manner based on the decisions, policies, plans and quality standards approved by the Council.

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