General Secretary Office
General Secretary Office

​The Office’s Mission:

The Office has a General Secretariat which handles the substantive and administrative affairs and the assistant work of the Council. It is a technical and administrative body that seeks to coordinate between the Council’s departments to assist the members in fulfilling all their legislative objectives. Also, it follows up and prepares to arrange all the Council’s committees and office meetings, as it works as the link of parliamentary and technical information to the Council’s members.

The General Secretariat seeks to recruit competencies of specialists and staff who are capable of performing their functions with administrative efficiency to assist members in performing their parliamentary functions fully.

The General Secretariat includes approximately one hundred and thirty-five personnel working in different departments falling under the Assistant General Secretariat of the Human and Financial Resources and Information Department and the Assistant General Secretariat of the parliamentary affairs and the Parliamentary and Media Relations Department, these main sectors followed by numerous departments, sections and administrative units.

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