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General Secretariat
The Shura Council has a General Secretariat that deals with the Council administrative and technical affairs, as well as all supporting works, it is a technical and administrative body seeks to coordinate between the Council’s departments to assist the Shura Council members on performing their all legislative tasks, it is also a body that follows-up and prepares all meetings of the Council standing committees and Council Bureau, in addition it works as a provider for parliamentary and technical information to the members of the Shura Council.

Specialty and tasks  Specialty and tasks

Specialty and tasks

It specializes in supervising on the minutes writing of the Council’s sessions, writing down the names of members who wish to deliver a speech in accordance with the order of their requests and giving alerts for maintaining order and recording the ballot results and more various things.

General Secretariat CommitteesGeneral Secretariat Committees

General Secretariat Committees

The General Secretariat of the Shura Council is consisting of 3 Assistant General Secretariat; in addition to the Legal Commission which are structurally associated with the office of HE the Chairman of the Shura Council.

Telephone Guide  Telephone Guide

Telephone Guide

This guide contains the telephone numbers of all employees to enable effective communication in order to speed up the process of the programs and plans related to the work of the Shura Council.