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Legal Counsels Board
Legal Advisors Specialties


The Legal Advisors Authority has the following functions in particular:

  1. Providing consultations, memos, reports and studies in the legal matters to the Council’s President, Bureau, committees and the members.
  2. The attendance of one or more members of the Authority in the meetings of the Council’s committees and to express opinion when so is requested.
  3. Preparing notes and writing reports and studies in the Authority’s competence.
  4. Preparing the final versions of the Council's resolutions relating to draft laws and proposed laws and preparing the communications thereon to the President of the Council of Representatives and the Minister of the Office of the Prime Minister, as the case may be.
  5. Reviewing the reports of the Council’s committees before submitting them to the Council’s President if the president of the committee so requests.
  6. Reviewing the proposed laws submitted by the members of the Council and indicating the availability of the legal conditions in them before referring them to the competent committees of the Council if the Council’s President so requests
  7. Expressing opinion on the determination of the competent committee to consider proposals and draft laws.
  8. Providing the legal opinion to the General Secretary of the Council and the Personnel Affairs Committee regarding the application of administrative rules and regulations.
  9. Training the Council’s cadres in the Authority’s fields of competence.
  10. Any other acts referred to it by the Council’s President or the General Secretary.
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