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The First High Royal Speech of the Third Legislative Chapter

HM King speech on the occasion of opening the third legislative session

His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa addressed the National Assembly which his Majesty Patronized at Shaikh Isa cultural centre. HM said "The Kingdom is witnessing an advanced phase of its building and modernization marches amid global praise of its developed and successful democratic experience and landmark achievements".
HM King Hamad offered his sincere congratulations to the members of the Bahraini Parliament on being elected to represent the citizens at the National Assembly.

His majesty said: "Many responsibilities and duties are lying ahead of you either in the field of enacting legislations, protecting liberties, controlling government work or economic development", asserting that the mission of the people's representatives will not be easy unless they cooperate with the government which, His Majesty asserted, will spare no effort in coordinating with them as they share the same goal of serving all the citizens who expect them to maximize efforts and work together as partners in nation-building march.

"Your partnership is source of pride to all Bahrainis," HM noted.

HM the King lauded the landmark achievements attained by the government under the leadership of HRH Premier.

"The government has shown a clear adherence to state laws and regulations, carried out comprehensive development plans, protected the kingdom's security and stability and created investment and job opportunities," HM King Hamad added.

HM the King also paid tribute to HRH Crown Prince, hailing his tremendous efforts to develop the kingdom's Economic Vision through the Economic Development Board (EDB) which was entrusted with monitoring the national economy according to a comprehensive scheme that can sustain Bahrain's pioneering role and position.

The Bahraini Defense Force (BDF) was also praised by HM the King who lauded the preparedness of its affiliates and their adherence to the requirements of defending the nation.

HM King Hamad expressed his sincere thanks for the Interior Minister Lt. General Rashid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa in tribute to the security establishment's discipline and keenness to enforce the power of the law for the sake of protecting the kingdom and preserving its achievements.

In his address to the Parliament, HM the King also pointed out to the issues that need to be tackled in the future.
On education, HM King Hamad asserted that all efforts and initiatives aiming at upgrading education in the Kingdom such as the National Project for Developing Education and Training will be supported.

Concerning economy, HM King Hamad lauded the efforts being made to run the national economy, which, he said, have led to positive growth rates and reduced unemployment rates in spite of the global financial downturn, stressing the need to revise the current economic plans and financial policies so as to ensure a more balanced and stronger economy.

Regarding energy, HM King Hamad appreciated this sector's positive developments over the past five years, calling for the need to take full advantage of the kingdom's resources and increase production so as to create more job opportunities, upgrade citizens' living standards and further boost the economy.

As far as naturalization is concerned, HM the King asserted that those granted the Bahraini nationality should be committed to the national values, law-abiding and has a sense of belonging to the cherished land.

HM King Hamad also reiterated the kingdom's full support to the GCC, as "a political, economic, security and social framework that can bring member states together", adding that Bahrain backs all efforts aiming at enhancing joint Arab action.

HM the King also re-affirmed the kingdom's commitment to its relations with friendly and brotherly countries in order to foster bilateral cooperation with them and bolster endeavours to bring about peace and stability in the world.

In this context, HM the King reiterated Bahrain's stance in favour of setting up an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

Source: Bahrain News Agency

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