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The Council
There are two internationally known systems in establishing parliaments, unicameral and bicameral. The choice is judged by the circumstances and experiences of each country. Bahrain decided on bicameral system due to its essential features. The national assembly is consisting of two councils, one is appointed by His Majesty the other council is selected by the people.

The Shura Council Chairman SpeechThe Shura Council Chairman Speech

The Shura Council Chairman Speech

You can through this section review the speech of the Chairman of the Shura Council HE Ali bin Saleh Al-Saleh on the occasion of inaugurating the new electronic site.

Annual ReportsAnnual Reports

Annual Reports

The Shura Council is submitting a detailed annual report after the end of each session.

Legal Counsels BoardLegal Counsels Board

Legal Advisors

The Legal Counsels Board is specializes in offering legal counselling, memos, reports and studies to the Chairman, Council bureau, committees and members, as well as to the General Secretariat of the Council.