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Communication with citizens is an essential feature of successful institutional work, which is based on the principle of consultation and listening to the other amidst responsible freedom and openness, which is one of the components of the great civilizational project of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, who strengthened this principle and encouraged its practice in dealing with all subjects and issues of interest to our beloved Kingdom.

Therefore, it has become necessary to advance towards achieving this goal, through making more determined efforts to showcase all the achievements, initiatives and efforts done by the Shura Council through practicing its legislative role, informing the audience with the content of the discussions occurring to discuss the organization of the country’s affairs in accordance with the principles of the Constitution and National Action Charter. And that is what the redesigned website wants to contribute in achieving, after implementing a number of initiatives to develop it in a way which makes it easier for the follower to get to the wanted information and data accurately, promptly and easily, and to highlight the efforts undertaken by the Shura Council starting from its national role.

Hoping to succeed in offering what’s best to improve the country and fulfilling the aspirations of the enlightened leadership and the loyal Bahraini people.

Ali bun Saleh Al-Saleh

Chairman of Shura Council

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