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Members Roles and Responsibilities

The Constitution of the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Shura Council’s Bylaw clearly defined the legislative functions of the Shura Council, whereby the Council shall discuss all draft laws, law proposals, law decrees, treaties and international convention referred thereto by the Council of Representatives, having the right to accept, amend or reject such legislations. After being fully discussed and decided upon the above legislations shall be referred to the Chairman of the Council of Representatives in order to be forwarded to His Royal Highness the Prime Minister, to be submitted to His Majesty the King.

Also, the Constitution gave members of the Shura Council the right to propose laws, and fifteen members have the right to request a proposal to amend the Constitution.

Moreover, the Council is entrusted to form an ad hoc committee to prepare a draft response to the royal speech of His Majesty the King to mark the opening of all the Annual Ordinary Sessions.

Also, the Council supervises the State budget, including its revenues and expenses, through its original role alongside the Council of Representatives in approving the draft general budget of the state transmitted by the government every two years.

The Prime Minister may issue a statement before the Shura Council or one of its committees on topics within its jurisdiction and may delegate one of the ministers for it. And the statement could be discussed or referred to, to one of its committees for discussion and for making observations on the subject.

The Shura Council also participates in the representation of the Kingdom of Bahrain in regional and international forums and conferences, which is a real opportunity for the Council to contribute in supporting the Kingdom's position among the ranks of developed countries

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