H.E. Yusuf Bin Ahmed Al Ghatam
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  • H.E. Yusuf Bin Ahmed Al Ghatam
    Former Member of the Shura Council
  • Qualifications

    • MSc. Police Leadership, University of Leicester, United Kingdom
    • Higher Diploma in Administration, University of Leicester, United Kingdom.
    • Diploma in Maritime Navigation, Frontier Security, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    •  Advanced Diploma in Maritime Navigation, Lome Maritime College, United Kingdom.
  • H.E. Yusuf Bin Ahmed Al Ghatam
  • Positions Held

    • Member Consultative Council, Kingdom of Bahrain.
    •  Asst. Undersecretary, Ports, investigation and Pursuance, Nationality Passports and Residence Affairs.
    •  Commander Coastguard, Ministry of Interior.
    •  Director, Coastguard, Ministry of Interior.
    •  Officer Commanding, Muharraq Base, Coastguard
    •  Sea Petrol Officer.
    • Commissioned on 1st August 1974 as a Cadet Officer in Bahrain Public Security was promoted to rank of Lieutenant after graduating from Institute of Frontier Security and Coasts, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and College of Maritime Navigation, United Kingdom.

    • 1986 Meritorious Security Medal 1st Class
    •  1999 - Recognition Medal for the Security Services 1st Class
    •  2000 Long Service Medal (25 years)
    •  2000 Reign of Sheikh Isa Medal 1st Class
    • 2004 Service Excellence Medal 1st Class
    •  2007- Bahrain Recognition Award 2nd Class
    • 2008-Order of Military Service Award 2nd Class
    • 2012 - Magnanimity Medal
    Seminars and Conferences

    • GCC Conferences for Leaders of Frontier and Coastal Security Leading Kingdom of Bahrain in few.
    •  Leading Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs in the GCC relative conferences.

    • Boat Captain and Navigation Course, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    • Advance Diploma in Navigation and Captaincy, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    • Science of Sea Navigation,, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    • Diploma in Navigation and Internal Maritime Law, United Kingdom.
    • Training Course in Specialties and Skills, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    • International Maritime Organization Course, United Kingdom.
    • International Maritime Law Course for Officers, United Kingdom.
    • Leadership Course, Egypt.
    • Leadership Course, United Kingdom.
    • International Leadership Course, Bramshill, United Kingdom.
    • Anti Terrorism Course, United States of America.
    Committees (participated and chaired):

    • Committee enforcing laws and regulation in fishing and environmental . protection.
    • Joint Committee for Fishing Boundaries between Bahrain and Qatar.
    • IMO Committee for the Ports Security.
    • Committee for Airport Security.
    • Parliamentary committee on Illegal workers.

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