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H.E. Ali bin Saleh Al Saleh
The Competencies of the Shura Council President
  • The Council’s President represents the Council in its connection with the other entities, speaks on its behalf, supervises all its work and controls its office and committees.
  • The President opens and chairs the meetings, announces its closing and directs it, control the discussions, permits speaking, through him questions are addressed, he announces the results of the vote, ad he may speak at any time if he thinks it’s in the interest of the discussion order or to clarify it.
  • Determines the subject of the research and directs the speakers who deviate from it, calls attention to maintain order, raise the topics to seek views on them, announces the decisions of the Council and supervises the proper functioning of the Council in general.
  • The Council’s President may convene any committee of the Council’s to discuss an important or urgent matter and shall chair the sessions of the committees he attends.
  • Communications shall be conducted between any committee of the Council’s and the Executive Authority or other authorities outside the Council through the Council’s President.
  • The committees shall meet at the invitation of their president or the Council’s President, and the Council President may invite the committees to meet between the sessions if necessary.
  • Calling for private meetings of the Council.
  • Removing any statements made by a member that’s contrary to the provisions of the regulations from the session record and signing the meeting minutes.
  • Referring the approved proposed laws to the President of the Council of Representatives.
  • Supervising the Council’s General Secretariat and all the administrative, financial and technical affairs and work of the Council.
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