Council's Office
Council Bureau Duties

​The Council Bureau has the following functions:

  • A. Setting the agenda for the meetings of the Council, considering the priority of integrating draft laws transmitted by the Chairman of the Council of Representatives, which the committees finished studying, as well as the ongoing important topics. The chairman shall announce the agenda and inform the members and the Government of it enough in advance of any session.
  • B. Rule on the objections transmitted by the Council based on what’s been recorded in the sessions.
  • CConsidering the draft annual budget of the Council and the draft final account, upon referral from the Chairman, before presenting them to the Council for approval.
  • D. Follow up on the Council committees work and reports and assist those committees in establishing rules guiding their work and coordinating aspects of their activities.
  • E. Proposing someone to represent the Council internally, based on the Chairman’s nomination, to present the topics to the Council for adjudication.
  • F. Examining the reports presented by the delegates of their functions and visits before presenting them to the Council.
  • GPreforming the Council’s managerial competencies between session, upon the Chairman’s request.
  • H. Studying the Chairman’s presentation of cases of members who don’t perform their duties or behave in a manner inconsistent with the dignity of the membership, before presenting the matter to the Council to take appropriate action.
  • I. Examine any other matter concerned with taking the Council’s Chairman opinion in.
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