Human Rights Committee
Human Rights Committee
  • In accordance with Article (21) of Decree Law No (55) of year 2002 on the internal regulation of the Shura Council and its amendments, the Council decided in the fifth meeting held on 12 November 2012 of the third regular session of the third legislative term to establish a special standing committee entitled (Human Rights Committee) which consists of a number not exceeding seven members.
    Human Rights Committee
    Human Rights Committee
Committee Members

  • Committee Duties

    The committee shall be competent to consider the following topics:

    • Consider the national legislations and laws in force and their compatibility with the principles and rules of international human rights conventions and treaties ratified in the Kingdom of Bahrain and suggest the necessary amendments in accordance with the Constitution and the internal regulation of the Council.
    • Consider all matters referred to the Committee of other topics that the Council or the Council’s President consider referring to it and submit their reports thereon to the Council.
    • Provide opinion to the other competent committees in relation to human rights.
    • Follow-up on the recommendations and decisions referred by the parliamentary division that’s promulgated by the parliamentary conferences related to human rights.
    • Enhance areas of cooperation with similar parliamentary committees in other countries.
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