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Shura Committees
The Council’s committees are the pillars of the legislative work, and according to the text of Article (21) of the internal regulation of the Council, special committees are formed within the first week of starting the regular session. The Shura Council includes six special standing committees to consider all the draft laws and proposed laws referred to them, and according to the second paragraph of Article (21) of the internal regulation of the Shura Council, in addition to the six special standing committees, the Council by its decision established two special committees which are the Youth Affairs Committee and the Human Rights Committee.

According to Articles (22), (23) and (24) of Decree Law No (55) of year 2002 o the internal regulation of the Shura Council and its amendments, after considering the nominations submitted by Their Excellencies the members for the membership of the special standing committees from the Council’s Bureau, and after the coordination between these demands in accordance with the wishes of the ladies and gentlemen Their Excellencies the members of the Council, taking into account their concerns and competence; the Council’s Bureau declares the candidate lists for the membership of the committees before presenting them to the Council, and each member shall provide his suggestions or objections by writing to the Council’s President to submit it to the Bureau for consideration. Also, the President shall present the lists to the Council in accordance with the conclusion of the Bureau after considering the objections and suggestions submitted by the members, and these lists shall be in effect once approved by the Council.

The Council may -when necessary- form temporary committees to consider a certain topic, and the temporary committee shall end after the fulfillment of the purpose it was formed for. That’s in accordance with what’s provided in the second paragraph of Article (21) of the internal regulation of the Shura Council.
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