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Research & Studies
This section includes an archived researches and studies of the Council and its local, regional and international relations, published books about the Council and is works, also it includes abundant information about the world parliaments and the links of their electronic sites. In addition, this section contains information about the parliamentary library, and links about centres of researches and studies associated with the work of the Council, in addition to general information about the Kingdom of Bahrain, its charters and accords.

Legal ResearchesLegal Researches

Legal Researches

Various legal researches handling the most important legal issues in different branches of the public and private law in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Social ResearchesSocial Researches

Social Researches

Different social researches addressing various local, regional and international social subjects and issues.

Economic ResearchesEconomic Researches

Economic Researches

Different economic researches addressing various local, regional and international economic subjects and issues.

  • Working papers
    Short, medium or long term research papers provided to the distinguished members for domestic and foreign participations
  • Reports
    Various reports addressing different topics in a summarized manner