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The Shura Council's Secretary-General: Everybody appreciative of the efforts of Her Royal Highness the Supreme Council's President

The Shura Council's Secretary-General Abdul-Jalil Ebrahim Al-Tarraif emphasized the significance of boosting efforts aimed at upgrading women's position in the Kingdom through empowerment and women's rights related to equal job opportunities and to merge women's needs in development, pointing out the Shura Council, in compliance with the directives of its chairman, adopted the formation of Equal Opportunities Committee to consecrate this principle and to promote women's participation in construction and development.

The Shura Council's Secretary-General during a 3-day long training, assessment, analysis and follow up workshop conducted by the Shura Council in collaboration with the Supreme Council of Women under the title: "Follow-up and assessment of issues, programs and projects of concern to the Shura Council in terms of responding to the needs of women" under the slogan: "Towards Egalitarian for Women and Men", confirmed that the General Secretariat is committed to the standard of equal opportunities between all employees, whilst ensuring that all the various conditions should be taken into consideration when carrying out the assessment the most important of which are the health conditions related to women's right to obtain daily breastfeeding hours etc., and praised in this field the efforts of the Supreme Council of Women and its cooperation in upgrading Bahraini women's level in the various fields and its persistent strife to protect women's rights and to ensure them within the provisions of the Kingdom of Bahrain's constitution and laws.

The Secretary-General emphasized the Shura Council's pride in women and their achievements and supporting to all the efforts aimed at empowerment of women to assume their role alongside with men in the light of the progressive reformative march of development and justice ensured by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa Monarch of the Kingdom of Bahrain's reformation project.

He pointed out that the Supreme Council of Women under the leadership of Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka bint Ebrahim Al Khalifa Spouse of His Majesty the King gave a strong push forward to such efforts in order to upgrade women, boost their potentials and capabilities.

He also hailed the efforts of Her Royal Highness in supporting women in the economic, social and political aspects in order to be able to assume their requisite role which is the source of appreciation and admiration by everybody locally, regionally and internationally, hailing the role of Her Royal Highness who gave Bahraini women a feeling of confidence and ability to attain the best achievements.

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