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Bahrain to host workshop on women's economic rights

The economic rights of Arab women will be spotlighted during a workshop to be hosted by the Shura and Representatives councils on November 20-21, in cooperation with the Arab Parliament, the Second Chairperson of the Shura Council Dr. Bahiya Al-Jishi said.

The event is the first of four workshops to be held in preparation for the conference on "Women's Issues and Modern Challenges –Towards an Arab Document for Women's Rights", to be hosted by an Arab country for the aim of coming up with an Arab document for Arab women's economic, political, educational and social rights.

She pointed out that a number of experts in legal and women affairs and representatives of the Arab NGOs, Arab League, Arab Women Organisation and the relevant sides in Bahrain will take part in the workshop.

She added that the agenda of the workshop includes the economic situation of Arab women in reality and according to local and international laws and Arab women's economic empowerment efforts.

The Kingdom's experience in the field of women's empowerment will also be highlighted, she said.


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