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Hon. Fakhro elected Shura first vice-chairman

VETERAN Legislator Jamal Fakhro was last night elected unopposed as Shura Council first vice-chairman for the eighth consecutive year.

Council second vice-chairman Dr Bahiya Al Jishi was also elected unopposed for the fourth consecutive term.

Voting took place during the council's first session of its final legislative term.

Shura Council Chairman H.E. Ali Saleh Al Saleh called for all sides to unite to help improve the democratic process in Bahrain.

"The reform process doesn't stop and we have to bear in mind that democracy and respecting the opinion of others contribute to coming up with a balanced legislation, which is accepted by everyone and doesn't force anything on anyone," he said.

"A bright future can be achieved through unity. When we join hands, our country will prosper and things will begin to improve."

Minister of State for Parliament and Shura Council Affairs Abdulaziz Al Fadhel said people hoped to see an improvement in living standards in line with political reforms.

"We will work harder than ever to co-operate with the Shura Council for the good of people and to achieve more," he said.

"The government realises the importance of the Shura Council and its drive towards national unity. Only through that, targets will be achieved.

"There are aspirations, hopes and ambitions and they will be turned into reality through hard work, dedication and commitment and that's something we already see in council members."

The Council will hold its second session on Monday and will elect its committee chiefs.

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