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Al-Jishi and Shura Representatives praise Josoor

Manama, September 29th (BNA) –Second Deputy Chairman of Shura Council, Hon. Dr. Bahiya Jawad Al-Jishi and the Council’s lady representatives received today the lady members of Josoor Programme, which include wives of the resident Ambassadors and diplomatic corps chaired by the Deputy Chairman of the Programme, Mariam Al Mahmoud.

Hon. Al-Jishi stressed the high prestige of Kingdom of Bahrain in the regional and international forums due to the achievements accomplished in the light of the reform project of HM the King.

Hon. Al-Jishi highlighted that HM the King has laid the first foundations of democracy in its honourable image the Kingdom has attained, pointing out the rights and obligations ensured by the reform project for the Bahraini women making them equal to men at all levels, particularly the political rights.

During the meeting, Hon. Al-Jishi pointed out Kingdom of Bahrain’s keenness to have sustainable communication with the friendly and brotherly countries, and support the existing bilateral cooperation with them including the parliamentary relations through activating committees for the parliamentary friendship between the Bahraini National Assembly and most of world’s parliaments.

Hon. Al-Jishi and the lady representatives of the Shura Council praised the prominent role of the programme in informing about the achievements accomplished by Kingdom of Bahrain in the light of the pioneering reform project of HM the King.

Hon. Al-Jishi valued the efforts done by the Foreign Ministry in this regard, saying that the visit is considered a good opportunity to open wider channels for communication and dialogue on several issues of common interests, which will reinforce relations with the friendly and brotherly countries.

Hon. Al-Jishi and the Shura Council’s lady representatives wished that the wives of Ambassadors and diplomatic corps to be messengers for their countries to transfer the reality of the conditions in the Kingdom, which witnesses stability and apparent gradual development.

Meanwhile, the members of Josoor’s programme visited the hall of the sessions for the Shura and Representatives Councils, where Hon. Al-Jishi briefed them on the principles of the legislative action, and the mechanism of cooperation and integration between the two councils.

Hon. Al-Jishi highlighted that this is done in accordance with the National Action Charter and the Constitution, and the existing relationship between the Legislative and Executive authorities.

For her part, Deputy Chairman of Josoor’s programme, Hon. Mariam Al Mahmoud appreciated the Shura Council’s hosting the members of Josoor programme, as well as the warm reception, and lauded the role of the Legislative Authority in the Kingdom and the gains it achieved for the Kingdom and the citizens.

On the other hand, the wives of the Ambassadors and diplomatic corps expressed their admiration of the prestige attained by the Bahraini Women, particularly at the level of the legislative process, in the light of the progress and sustainable achievement the Kingdom witnesses.


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