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Speaker highlights parliamentary ties

Speaker Ahmed bin Ibrahim Al Mulla considered the meeting of world heads of parliaments which concluded at the UN headquarters on Wednesday an important occasion to consolidate and rejuvenate bilateral and multilateral parliamentary ties and coordinate stances.
 "The meeting was good opportunity to extend bridges of joint cooperation to serve peoples interests, and simultaneously serve as a platform to exchange opinion, consultation, create database regarding various current issues, including counterterrorism and sustainable development issues. Parliaments constitute the cornerstone in building nations and their revival," the Speaker said.
 The Bahraini parliamentary delegation continued its participation on the third and final day of the meeting focused on issues of development, democracy and peace.
The reports of discussion sessions in which the delegation participated were presented under the themes: "Parliamentary Control: Challenges and Opportunities", "Translating Sustainable Development Goals into Action" in addition to issuance of the meeting's final declaration.
The delegation expressed gratitude to the Kingdom's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Jamal Faris Al Ruwai'e, and all Embassy staff members, for their efforts in facilitating all matters and arrangements for the delegation's participation in this global meeting.
The conclusive statement of the Fourth Heads of Parliaments Meeting urged called to conflicts resolution through political dialogue and negotiations and full respecting of international law, whilst giving greater attention to parliamentary diplomacy which has shown its capability of stimulating efforts aimed at resolving conflicts and disputes.

The final communique condemned all forms and manifestations of terrorism regardless of its committers or their motives. The communique also urged parliaments to do all they can to boost cooperation and support all the relevant UN resolutions, conventions and international treaties to combat terrorism.

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