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Shura representatives discuss government’s visions on pension laws

The representatives of the Shura Council at the government-parliamentary committee on re-discussing the two pension laws held a meeting here today, under the chairmanship of the First Deputy Chairman of the Shura Council, Jamal Mohammed Fakhro.

 The panel discussed the 17 visions submitted by the government during the second meeting of the joint executive-legislature committee, held on Sunday.

 Fakhro said that the Shura Council’s representatives are keen to discuss the government’s visions in details before presenting their final opinion on each of them, adding that they have also examined the report of the actuary expert, and their recommendations on ways to reform pension funds and ensure their sustainability, in addition to the visions of a number of civil society organisations.

 Fakhro pointed out that the Shura Council’s representatives will continue their meetings during the following days to come up with a comprehensive vision on amending the two pension laws, and then submit it to the joint committee to discuss them, noting that their vision will aim to achieve national interests, preserve the retirees’ rights and maintain the funds’ ability to honour their commitments.

Page last updated on: 30/07/2018 10:03 AM