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Shura Council deplores fallacies in Amnesty International report

The Shura Council has deplored the fallacies and incorrect information in Amnesty International's report that targets the progress of democracy and human rights in Bahrain.
In a statement, the Shura said international organizations have the duty of taking information from reliable sources and of communicating with the relevant institutions and concerned authorities on human rights instead of drafting reports that lack objectivity and integrity.
The Shura said it was well aware of the report issued by Amnesty International and the false information and incorrect data it contained, stressing that it was not based on facts and that it did not reflect the reality in Bahrain nor its efforts to guarantee human rights and freedoms.
The report did not abide by the fundamentals and principles of professionalism, objectivity and transparency that are required in preparing human rights reports, the Shura said, adding that the information contained in the report was drawn from prejudiced sources and biased news channels known for their lack of credibility.
"The Shura Council, while stressing its condemnation of the fallacies in the report, lauds Bahrain's honorable human rights record and the accomplishments and successes it achieved in protecting them," the statement said.
"This reflects the keenness of the various institutions of the Kingdom on its commitments to the principles of human rights, respect for, and activation of, the international agreements and covenants. It also shows Bahrain's steady cooperation with international organizations to consolidate its advanced human rights approach and to highlight its support of the values of tolerance, coexistence, justice and equality among all segments and components of society."

Page last updated on: 26/02/2020 08:14 AM