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Shura Council condemns attack on oil tankers

The Shura Council condemned in the strongest words the attacks which targeted yesterday, Thursday, two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman.
It denounced the attack which threatens regional security and stability, endangers the safety of maritime navigation and subverts sustained efforts to achieve international peace.
“These terrorist attacks, which target vital oil facilities, have become repeated and organized”, it said, urging all countries to stand united, assume the responsibility of international security and peace and take required measures to protect international maritime navigation.
The Shura Council stressed the necessity of respecting international conventions and treaties and humanitarian laws and refraining from any terrorists and hostile acts which damage the interests of countries and individuals.
The statement stressed the importance of averting any acts in the regional and international waters, which may have a negative impact on the eco-system and human life, urging commitment to international conventions, treaties and laws.

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