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Shura Council slams Iranian interference, threats

The Shura Council's Committee of Foreign Affairs, Defence and National Security stressed in a statement full support to all measures taken by Bahrain to deter the Iranian blatant interferences and threats which have gone beyond all international conventions regulating relations between countries.

 The committee underlined the importance of the decisions taken in this respect including recalling Bahraini Ambassador to Iran Rashid Sa'ad Al Dousari, considering Iranian embassy Charge D'Affaires in Bahrain Mohammed Redha Babai as persona non grata and submission of an official complaint by the Foreign Minister to the UN Secretary General against Iran and its flagrant violations and unacceptable interference in Bahrain's internal affairs.
The committee pointed out that those steps will boost Bahrain's security and safeguard the interests of all the people in Bahrain which are a priority after Iran's incessant threats voiced by its leaders on many occasions, its continued exportation of terrorism and the extremist ideology to neighbouring countries, the opening of training camps to carry out terrorist and criminal acts and smuggling weapons and explosives.
The committee lauded the vigilance of the Interior Ministry in Bahrain and its success in thwarting many terror plots in which Iran is proved to be implicated in funding them. It also slammed the Iranian policy inciting violence, terrorism and sectarianism, adding that the Iranian objectives are obvious and have nothing to do with the slogans of its leaders. It also said that the Iranian statements bear threats to the GCC countries, pointing out the statements of Iranian Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Ali Al-Khamenei on September 30 during a graduation ceremony of cadets in which he targeted Saudi Arabia following the stampede in Mena during pilgrimage.
The committee voiced its categorical rejection of those defamatory statements which do not show any respect to the major role played by Saudi Arabia in serving the pilgrims and facilitating their rituals. It also added that the Iranian statements represented an explicit threat to sow sedition by disseminating fallacies.
The committee stressed that Saudi Arabia's security is part of Bahrain's security which is a red line, adding that those attempts will never succeed to shake regional stability and Iran's attempts to impose hegemony on the whole region will be doomed to failure thanks to the great awareness and determination of the GCC people and their belief in the Arab identity of the region and the wisdom its leaders.

Page last updated on: 05/02/2018 01:23 PM