H.E. Dr. Mansour Mohammed Sarhan
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  • H.E. Dr. Mansour Mohammed Sarhan
    Member of the Shura Council
    • Birthplace: Alnuwaidrat  
    • Marital Status: Married 

  • H.E. Dr. Mansour Mohammed Sarhan
  • Qualifications

    • Bachelor of Art in history – Beirut Arab University, Lebanon 1972
    • Bachelor of Art in Library Science – University of Mumbai, India – 1980
    • Masters of librarianship – Leeds Polytechnic, United Kingdom – 1985
    • Diploma in Executive Management – University of Bahrain – 1990
    • Ph.D. in Historical Documentation studies – Universal Academy in London – 2003
    Positions Held

    • English teacher at government schools of Bahrain from 1963 – 1972
    • Librarian at the public library directorate in 1973
    • Director of public libraries from 1989 – 2006
    • Director of the national library at Isa Cultural Center from 2007
    • Assistant general secretary for Isa Award for service to humanity 2010
    Societies Associations

    • Member of the Arab Thinking Forum
    • Member of Isa Cultural Center Board of Trustees
    • Member of the University Bahrain Board of Trustees
    • Member of the Arab Federation for Libraries and Information
    • Founding member of Bahrain Library Association
    • Founding member of the Arab Union Catalogue in Riyadh
    • Founding member of the Nuwaidrat Cultural and Athletic Club
    • Founding member of the civil committee for honoring and intellectual and creative pioneers of Bahrain
    • Member if the Advisory Council of Naseem International School

    • Award from the late Amir Shaikh Isa bin Salman Alkhalifa in 1986 for acquiring the Masters Degree in Library Science from Britain
    • Awarded the medal commemorating 30 years for Uri Gagarin voyage from the former USSR in 1991 for organizing the International Book Fair in the same year
    • Honored by the Lebanese Federation of publishers and the ministry of Culture in April 1997 for efforts he made to organize the book fairs in Bahrain
    • Winning the award from Alhilal Establishment in November 1997 regarding the foreign book with respect to his book: Bahrain National Bibliography.
    • Was granted the forth degree order of Shaikh Isa bin Salman Alkhalifa in September 2001
    • Was granted the trophy of the ministry of education for the organization of the Book Fair and for his book (Journalism in Bahrain) in 2005
    • Honored by Beit Alquran and was granted and gold medal for his profound efforts in publishing back in 2008
    • Honored by the Swedish Libraries Association in November 1999 for his efforts in development of libraries. In addition to his role enhance the cultural ties between the Bahrain Libraries Association and the Swedish Libraries Association
    • Honored by the Indian forum friendship in 25 April 2005. And was given the International Golden Star Trophy for being the man of the year 2008. In addition to the International Honorary Sword
    • Was honored by the minister of education for World Book Fair in 23 April 2008 and received the Ministry of Educations Trophy
    • Won the Yousuf bin Ahmed Kanoo award for publishing a book about Dr. Mohammed Jabir Alansary in 2009

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